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  • Crime and Punishment book review (vlog)

    Final thoughts on the book:

  • February Lately

    I am not sure how to start a blog post anymore. But I am running on very little sleep (averaging about 5 hours these days), so we shall forgo the creativity today and just write some words! Work has kept me insanely busy lately, and between that and other endeavors, I haven’t had the wherewithal […]

  • Crime and Punishment: Thoughts on Part 2 (spoilers)

    Previously, I filmed a live stream going over Part 1. I really liked Part 1 and had a lot to say about it. My thoughts on Part 2 of C&P are much briefer, so I’ll just jot them down here. (Spoilers under the cut)

  • What I’m Reading, Mini Edition

    Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky My brother and I are still making our way through Crime and Punishment, with the hope of finishing it by the end of the year. I have got past the “crime” now and at the point where Raskolnikov is (once again) losing his mind. It’s a really excellent read […]