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  • 2013 Reads Recap

    As I mentioned before, this was an unambitious year for reading.  My reading goals, such as they were: The Prairie, J. F. Cooper – This was for school, so I read it and wrote a paper on it. One biography – Instead of reading a biog, I randomly decided to read my sister’s library book,… Continue reading

  • Steampunk/Sci-Fi Reading List

    ✓ The Master of the World (Verne)– On Basilisk Station (Honor Harrington #1, Weber)✓ The First Men in the Moon (Wells)– The Sea Wolf (London)– Frankenstein (Shelley)– Dracula’s Guest (Stoker)– The Jewel of Seven Stars (Stoker)– The Night Land (Hodgson)– The Purple Cloud (M. P. Shiel)– Arthur Mervyn (Ch. Brockden Brown)– The Doings of Raffles… Continue reading

  • 2013 Reads

    I have never been good at sticking to book challenges – not to mention, my reading list grows at an outrageous pace!  However, there are a few (very simple) reading goals I’d like to accomplish this year. For sure, I will be reading James Fenimore Cooper’s The Prairie, required for my upcoming Early American Art/Music/Lit… Continue reading

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