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  • Quotes from Yes to Life by Viktor Frankl

    Thank you to everyone for your kind wishes on my last post and other platforms. It’s truly encouraging. 💛 Resurfacing for a moment, I have some quotes to share from the newly published Yes to Life: In Spite of Everything. It’s the first English translation of some lectures by Viktor Frankl, psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, […]

  • Following Your Conscience: Václav Havel’s Open Letters – Part 2

    Previously: Part 1. If you prefer, there’s also a video version of this review on YouTube. 🙂 Conscience, decency, morality. Over the past decade, politics and social life in the U.S. have grown deeply detached from these values, just as different factions continue to self-divide and become incongruous with each other. It could be argued […]

  • Never Powerless: Václav Havel’s Open Letters – Part 1

    A kind of bi-polar political thinking is becoming more and more common in today’s politically polarized world…everyone is expected to be unquestionably loyal to the position he belongs to or has been assigned to. Václav Havel wrote that in 1986. You know I’m not a loud person, but when I read that, I could’ve opened […]

  • Bookshelf Tour! History, Memoirs, and Assorted Nonfiction

    These were the last books left to tour – a smallish but eclectic variety of “real world” topics that interest me. Let me know if you’ve read any of them or similar books you’d recommend!

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