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  • In Praise of Library Books

    In Praise of Library Books

    The other day, I sojourned to my local library to pick up a book I had started on ebook from another library and which would soon be due. You know you’re a book nerd when this sort of thing happens. This was only my second time at this particular library, and I was pleasantly reminded […]

  • Of Vibes and Vent

    At some point, I want to do a video on the “meta” side of classic literature—that is, all about what classics are, how I review books, and thoughts on book communities (blogs, YouTube, and beyond). But I am slow these days, so it remains a thought bubble until I can flesh it out more. One […]

  • Can an Artist Be Free? – Friday Thoughts

    So I was watching Rush Hour (1998) for the first time yesterday… I hadn’t watched a movie solo in a while, and my slow-paced quest is to watch all the martial arts classics. Anyways, it was interesting. A biracial cop/action comedy, Rush Hour is goofy, terribly dated (the black/Asian stereotypes were hilariously awful), and story-wise, […]

  • Seasons of Life… and Reading

    One thing I’ve been growing increasingly sensitive to is the disparity between my Reading Past and my Reading Present (and my Reading Yet to Come). For example: if you looked at my list of Classics and then at my blog or YouTube channel, you might be disappointed to find that what used to make up […]