Sherlock Holmes: "The Reigate Squires" (or, "The Reigate Puzzle") Week 11: “The Reigate Squires”

I’ve always thought “The Reigate Squires” was an interesting yet quirky story from Watson’s recollections.  It’s “quirky” not just because it has three names, but also for the fact that it seems fairly humdrum in its plot, except for sporadic moments of alarming behavior, by Holmes himself.  In some ways, this story is more like a comedy than a mystery, but Doyle still manages to inject it with enough macabre to keep up the impression of unease connected with the mystery.  Add to that the fact we see Holmes has finally gained international acclaim, and “The Reigate Squires” could easily be the first tale (in this chronological ordering) with an almost cinematic Holmesian quality to it.

It’s been a long time since I last read this, but I enjoyed it this time around, too, so it’s aged well.

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