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  • Sherlock Holmes Challenge: May Check-In

     Apologies for the lateness of this.  Please comment with any thoughts or reviews you’d like to share! These were May’s stories, following the Chronological Challenge.  If you are on a different schedule, though, feel free to chime in with what you read in May! MayWeek 19 (May 7-13):  The Valley of FearWeek 20:  “A Scandal […]

  • Sherlock Holmes Challenge: April Check-In

    For those following along on my Sherlock Holmes challenge – and for any who still wish to join! – I’ve decided to change things up a bit.  Instead of weekly link-ups, I’ll be posting monthly check-ins, open to any and all Sherlock Holmes stories you have read in the month.  This will help me manage […]

  • Sherlock Holmes: "The Second Stain"


  • Sherlock Holmes: "The Reigate Squires" (or, "The Reigate Puzzle")

    http://www.simply-linked.com/listwidget.aspx?l=31fcc641-01e1-4e04-a4e3-db7e30dfd5e8 Week 11: “The Reigate Squires”I’ve always thought “The Reigate Squires” was an interesting yet quirky story from Watson’s recollections.  It’s “quirky” not just because it has three names, but also for the fact that it seems fairly humdrum in its plot, except for sporadic moments of alarming behavior, by Holmes himself.  In some ways, […]