We + announcement

It’s been quite around here, but I’ve been busy…

…I’ve started a podcast!  It’s going to be a weekly discussion of classic literature, kind of like this blog (but kind of different).  The first episode is a review of We, which I read about a month ago and wanted to save for this moment.  Please check it out here, and let me know what you think:  Classics Considered: We vs. Me – Episode 1.

The whole concept of a classic lit podcast has been in my mind lately.  I’ve enjoyed non-literary shows like Ear Biscuits and This Developer’s Life, as well as book reviews by various vloggers on YouTube.  As I began to see the value in a conversational format (no lectures here), I also found my interest in reviewing to be renewed.  Maybe it’s the challenge…writing is almost as easy as breathing, but I get extremely nervous behind a microphone.  It forces me to think more quickly and face my limitations as a speaker.  It’s also (as I’m finding out) lots of fun!

Just to clarify: I won’t be completely stopping the written book reviews here.  So far, this podcast is still in the “experiment” stage.  Ideally, and if it goes well, I hope to find a good balance between the two formats, rather than choose one over the other.


  1. I don't think you sound nervous at all (behind the mic). The podcast sounds very professional, and very well done. Also, it does sound like fun.


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