Aladdin 2019 – Reaction (No Spoilers!)

A couple of months ago I mentioned I was looking forward to two Disney remakes this year, Aladdin and The Lion King.

Well, my siblings and I just got back from Aladdin, and I was not disappointed!   It’s funny, beautiful, moving, and action-packed.  Dare I say it??  I like it better than the cartoon original.

It is also my favorite Disney remake so far, even more than Beauty and Beast, my previous favorite.   Aladdin stays true to its origin – a story of adventure, humor, and romance – and doesn’t try to be more than a good, old-fashioned kid’s movie.  (Yes, Jasmine has her own song and subplot, but it fits her character arc and doesn’t seem incongruous.)

So if you have any reservations, I say give it try, you may be pleasantly surprised!

14 responses to “Aladdin 2019 – Reaction (No Spoilers!)”

  1. is this a recent movie? there was one made a few years back if i remember… we saw it and liked that one; maybe it's the same one?


  2. This one came out just this past Thursday night. However, I think there has been a Broadway version showing before that.


  3. Cool! I'm glad you liked it so much.


  4. I'm really interested in seeing it, but all of my friends are out of town this weekend. Hoping to round someone up next week. I've had \”Prince Ali\” playing in my head all weekend.


  5. Appreciated you mentioning this. one of my sons saw it on the weekend & really liked it so he wanted to take his younger sister. He mentioned that the music was good, too.


  6. Yay! Looking forward to seeing it w/ my kids.


  7. Thanks for alerting me to a good movie I would have otherwise avoided …. I just might see it!FYI … I had to reinvent blog with new address to escape certain invading trolls and infectious dingbats …. here is latest metamorphosis: wishes,Tim


  8. I actually want to see it again in theaters, which is unusual for me. 😀


  9. I hope you like it! One of my coworkers saw it and did prefer the animated version. I guess it kind of depends what is most important to you in the story.


  10. The music and dance sequences are pretty amazing!


  11. \”Infectious dingbats,\” I may have to borrow that one. 😀 Thanks for the link!


  12. Wellllll, the animated version does have Robin Williams' acting! I'm really interested in seeing how they'll develop Agrabah — if it will be slightly fantastical or more real.


  13. […] of you will remember how much I loved Aladdin (a controversial opinion, according to one of my friends who didn’t like it so much!). With […]


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