So – I mentioned back in September I was starting a second blog about songs, poetry, and writing. After much ado, I finally got around to actually launching it…

There is not much yet; soon there will be more, since I’ll likely be posting more frequently there than here. If that sort of thing interests you at all, feel free to check it out. 🙂 I may also start posting film reviews on that blog instead (haven’t quite decided on that detail yet).

Also, if you have any good ideas for songs or albums to review, I’m open to suggestions! I like many different genres, lately more on the acoustic side of things.

4 thoughts on “Song Reviews and Such

  1. i watched the Pirates of Penzance last night with Kevin Kline; not for the first time… it’s an incredible production, with George Rose as the Modern Major General; he’s simply fantastically good, particularly in the patter songs…


  2. I saw that. It’s with Linda Ronstadt, isn’t it? My favorite were the cops when they were prancing and singing about, although Rose was great, too.


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