Fangirling over Eugene Onegin – A Classic 19th-Century Russian Romance

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From Eyre to Onegin
Lensky’s Idealism, and Why Onegin Fought a Duel
Vice, Virtue, and Heroism in Eugene Onegin (podcast)

9 responses to “Fangirling over Eugene Onegin – A Classic 19th-Century Russian Romance”

  1. it’s nice how the commentary matches the pictures. i liked the comparison with Jane Eyre… i think i read this a very long time ago; don’t recall the translator, tho… maybe i’ll get it reread this year? tx…

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    1. Thanks Mudpuddle! Most of the pictures are by Elena Samokish-Sudkovskaya, and I do like her take on the story. 🙂


  2. I read Eugene Onegin more than a decade ago and liked it very much, although perhaps not quite as much as you did. The edition I read was an older verse translation by Walter Arndt. Your comparison of it with the Brontes (especially Emily) is apt while I particularly remember the passion of young Eugene. Another Russian novel from the early Romantic era I enjoyed was A Hero for Our Time by Lermontov. You might find the passion and duels of Lermontov’s hero interesting, if not as attractive as Eugene.


    1. Thanks for reminding about Lermontov! I think I started that once once but can’t remember it. It’s definitely on my radar again! 🙂


  3. Hiya! I came over here from Eva’s blog, as you and I share a love of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. 😀 I am also a huge opera fan, so I was super excited to see your opera reviews, and this vlog on Eugene Onegin. I’ve seen the movie with Liv Tyler (problematic, as you say, but still has some really fine moments) and several versions of the opera, including the one you have the DVD for. Mariusz Kwiecien makes a great Onegin, and I love him and Piotr together. My favorite version is the Royal Opera House version with Simon Keenlyside, Krassimira Stoyanoya, and Pavol Breslik, but a lot of that is because Simon Keenlyside is my favorite modern baritone, and that was also my first Onegin seen on the big screen. However, the production is… interesting and doesn’t work for everyone. It is sort of a flashback version, with the leads looking back in regret at their younger selves. (Mariusz is my sister’s favorite baritone, so we each own these version of Onegin and alternate between watching them. We also own one with Renee Fleming and Dmitri Hvorostovsky, and while he is a fantastic Onegin, she seems way too extroverted to be Tatiana. Her singing is lovely, though!)

    Looking forward to exploring your blog some more!

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    1. Hey Deborah, thanks for stopping by!! You might be the first person I’ve met who shares those same two interests, that is so cool! 😀

      I need to watch the whole Keenlyside version – I’ve seen clips on YouTube and I remember he had a great voice. Hvorostovsky is my favorite baritone, and I agree with you on Fleming!

      Do you have any other favorite operas? I haven’t watched as many since Hvorostovsky’s passing, but I used to go to the Met Opera streamings at the movie theater every year. Verdi was always great, and I also enjoyed Lucia di Lammermoor on DVD with Anna Netrebko.


  4. Wish you had featured the Met Production of Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin with Renée Fleming and Dmitri Hvorostovsky. He owned that role!


    1. I’ve seen clips of it, but to be honest, I didn’t really care for Fleming as Tatyana and the minimalist setting. I do enjoy listening to DH sing Onegin, though! He’s my favorite opera singer.


  5. […] asides to Gergiev.) I’ve enjoyed her performances many times, most especially as Tatyana in Eugene Onegin […]


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