4 thoughts on “Fangirling over Eugene Onegin – A Classic 19th-Century Russian Romance

  1. it’s nice how the commentary matches the pictures. i liked the comparison with Jane Eyre… i think i read this a very long time ago; don’t recall the translator, tho… maybe i’ll get it reread this year? tx…

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  2. I read Eugene Onegin more than a decade ago and liked it very much, although perhaps not quite as much as you did. The edition I read was an older verse translation by Walter Arndt. Your comparison of it with the Brontes (especially Emily) is apt while I particularly remember the passion of young Eugene. Another Russian novel from the early Romantic era I enjoyed was A Hero for Our Time by Lermontov. You might find the passion and duels of Lermontov’s hero interesting, if not as attractive as Eugene.


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