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  • Obscure Books You Can Read Right Now – Project Gutenberg Randomness

    We’re surfing the web again…this time looking at some obscure novels and memoirs from Project Gutenberg.

  • Ad Astra vs. Heart of Darkness – Movie review (spoiler free!)

    On Saturday, my brother and I went to see Ad Astra starring Brad Pitt.  This is a film that’s been compared – by its director James Gray, no less – to Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad (one of my axes).  Being in the middle of a Conrad “renaissance” if you will, I felt it […]

  • Nostromo: The Lighthouse – And Final Thoughts

    Previously: Part I – The Silver of the Mine Part II – The Isabels The situation has reached a boiling point: General Montero’s rebel forces have dismantled the government and are sweeping over Costaguana, while the traitor Sotillo, invading Sulaco by steamship, comes to establish a reign of terror.  The citizens flee to the countryside, […]

  • Nostromo: The Isabels

    Iris Diensthuber [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons Part II of Nostromo introduces a new set of characters: Antonia, the “liberated” yet refined daughter of the statesman Don Jose; Martin Decoud, a young journalist head-over-heels in love with Antonia; Hirsch the German trader; and even the title character himself, so notably absent from Part I, […]