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  • Top Ten Books for Fall

    After a long, hot, dry, allergy-stricken, wildfire smoke-infused summer, we are finally getting rain again, and I love it.  Today I actually wore my thick cable-knit sweater, and my raincoat has seen a couple of outings, too. Fall means pumpkin-flavored treats, but (as importantly) it also brings cozy moments reading a book while listening to […]

  • Russian Literature Challenge 2017

    Ok – I saw this challenge, hosted by Keely, and decided it was irresistible.  In 2014 I participated in o’s Russian Literature challenge, which was awesome, so I’m more than ready for another Russian lit focus! I’ll be aiming for a large Level 2 “Chekhov”; these six books: Forever Flowing – Vasily Grossman.  I heard […]

  • 2017 Mount TBR Challenge

    This year, I had fun tackling books that had been on my TBR mountain for a while, so I want to do it again in 2017.  Again, it’ll be Pike’s Peak (12 books) for me, which really is a challenge.  This is my list as of today, subject to change if I happen to acquire […]

  • The Chronological Sherlock Holmes Challenge

    12/29/16 edit: Full schedule here. Two years ago, I started on a rereading of the Sherlock Holmes series, with the intent of reading the stories in the approximate order that they occur in Holmes’s lifetime.  I didn’t get very far, but I never abandoned the concept.  It’s been about ten years since I first read […]

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