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  • CEO, China: The Rise of Xi Jinping – Thoughts & Review, Part 1

    “What do you know about the man who runs China?” the blurb demanded. “Nothing,” I blinked.  Well, basically nothing. I couldn’t believe it…I knew basically nothing about Xi Jinping, one of the most powerful leaders in the world today.  (I also have some Chinese heritage, which makes it even more embarrassing.) Xi, in fact, may […]

  • The Prince – A Study in Expediency

    Therefore it is unnecessary for a prince to have all the good qualities I have enumerated, but it is very necessary to appear to have them. And I shall dare to say this also, that to have them and always to observe them is injurious, and that to appear to have them is useful; to […]

  • Nightmarish Utopia

    I believe Sir Thomas More meant well when he penned Utopia (1516), but it is quite possibly the worst book I have ever read. Given the standard of living for the majority of human beings in the early 16th century, More’s dream of a perfect nation must have sounded as idyllic as it gets.  Yet […]

  • Mackinder’s Heartland Theory

    Who rules East Europe, commands the HeartlandWho rules the Heartland, commands the World IslandWho rules the World Island, commands the World Though they may be deemed outdated now, Sir Halford Mackinder‘s Heartland Theory and his writings on geopolitics offer some fascinating–and still relevant–pieces of wisdom on the relations between geography, history, and foreign policy.  My […]

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