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  • White Nights in October

    For my next read after Brothers K, I returned to White Nights and Other Stories, which includes several Dostoyevsky short stories translated by Garnett.  This collection was a mixed bag; in spite of that, I give it a cumulative 4 out of 5 stars based on enjoyment level. The first and feature story is White Nights, […]

  • The Brothers Karamazov – 4 & 5: Strains; Pro and Contra

    Click here for other installments in this review series… The carriage started and raced off.  All was vague in the traveler’s soul, but he greedily looked around him at the fields, the hills, the trees, a flock of geese flying high above him in the clear sky.  Suddenly he felt so well. What I got […]

  • Weekend Quote: Prison

    At such times I felt something was drawing me away, and I kept thinking that if I walked straight on, far, far away and reached that line where sky and earth meet, there I should find the key to the mystery, there I should see a new life a thousand times richer and more turbulent […]

  • Notes from Underground

    © Yanis Chilov [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons My introduction to Fyodor Dostoyevsky was through (surprise!) Crime and Punishment.  Unable to swallow its psychopathic elements, I gave up just when the story was picking up and could not, in fact, bring myself to finish it.  Fast-forward to summer/fall 2011 – I was taking History of Russia […]

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