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  • "My Kinsman, Major Molineux"

    Portrait of James Thomas Fields (1817-1881), Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864),and William Davis Ticknor (1810-1864). Over on Instagram, I’d mentioned I’ve been getting into Hawthorne’s short stories again.  He’s a favorite author of mine, and when I read the collection Twice Told Tales (already five years ago, wow!), I was blown away by the craft of his […]

  • Six Classics That Deserve More Love – Episode 12

    Looking for your next great read?  This episode features six little-known classics and why I feel they should be famous.

  • 4 ♠ The Mystery of Marie Rogêt … A ♥ The Old Manse

    The Mystery of Marie Rogêt is from the trio of C. Augustus Dupin mysteries by Edgar Allan Poe.  It is closely based on the real-life murder of Mary Cecilia Rogers, except the setting is Paris instead of New York City.  Marie Rogêt leaves her home one Sunday evening, purportedly to visit a relative, and she is […]

  • 4 ♦ The Golden Fleece

    And my first story for the Deal Me In challenge comes from Tanglewood Tales.  How appropriate! “The Golden Fleece” is the last story in Tanglewood Tales, a sequel to A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys.  Through the frame plot of a young student, Eustace Bright, retelling Greek myths to his little cousins, Nathaniel Hawthorne takes […]