• 100th Anniversary

    Cover of a 1916 edition.  The book was first published in October 1915. of the publication of The Metamorphosis!  (I would link to the article I saw about it, but won’t because spoilers (sigh)). You know, it is on my list of top 10 favorites, but I’ve yet to read it on paper.  I first… Continue reading

  • Kafka (1991)

    “That’s what you’re trying to eliminate, isn’t it?  Everything that makes one human being different from another.”  Perhaps it says the most to admit that, even so soon, I wouldn’t mind watching this again. Hollywood and great authors rarely go together.  If that great author is Franz Kafka, one of my favorites, then the very… Continue reading

  • "Josef K. was dreaming."

    Last fall, at long last, I got a copy of Kafka’s Complete Short Stories.  (That would be most everything except The Trial, The Castle, and Amerika.)  It’s a book to be savored slowly, piece by piece, while imagining it to be twice its length (~ 450 p.).  I quickly found the best way to read… Continue reading

  • Cumberbatch reads Kafka

    For a limited time, you can listen online to Benedict Cumberbatch’s recording of The Metamorphosis.  This (only slightly abridged) version is divided into four half-hour segments.  There are commercials before each part, so you will have to skip ahead a few minutes on each track.  I just finished the whole thing, and it’s super good!  Continue reading

About Me

Hi, I’m Marian—sharing a fondness for classics and other books here and on my YouTube channel. I’m a Christian, designer, and avid tea drinker, and my home is the beautiful Pacific Northwest, US.


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