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  • Kafka’s Copperfield in Amerika

    “My intention was . . . to write a Dickens novel, enriched by the sharper lights which I took from our modern times, and by the pallid ones I would have found in my own interior.”  – Diaries (1946), qtd. in “Amerika (novel),” Wikipedia. It is rarely my choice to read Franz Kafka all the […]

  • Paris in the Twentieth Century

    This is a remarkable book with an even stranger setting – written in 1863, set in 1960, and not published till 1994.  It’s not such a stretch, however, to include it in the Turn of the Century Salon, as Jules Verne was writing novels up through the early 1900s, and he is always associated with […]

  • Turn of the Century Salon – a literary event

    Hosted by Katherine at November’s Autumn.  My participation may be sporadic, but I’m going to try to fit this challenge into my schedule.  🙂 Here’s my answers to the questionnaire/prompts for January (Introduction): What draws you to read the Classics? Classics are works of art, unlike most contemporary fiction.  I love reading, and though I […]