Six Classics That Deserve More Love – Episode 12

Looking for your next great read?  This episode features six little-known classics and why I feel they should be famous.


  1. Stephen Avatar

    I'm most intrigued by that Verne one. The anarchist (misanthrope, perhaps?) sounds a little like Nemo, but to a more extreme degree. Thank you for sharing these!


  2. Marian H Avatar
    Marian H

    Thanks Stephen, I hope you enjoy Magellania if you get a chance to read it! Kaw-djer is very like Nemo…those types of characters must really have appealed to Verne on a human level, even if he didn't agree with their outlook.


  3. Stephen Avatar

    Well, Jack London did the same sort of thing with his characters Wolf Larsen and Martin Eden: they're these nietzschean wannabes, these physical and intellectual titans who are constantly fighting for — something. Larsen plays his energy against the waves and whales, and Eden is at first distracted by wanting to win over the love of a woman…but both of them meet bad ends. As you say with Verne, I think London was fascinated by their \”wildness\” even if he disagreed with their philosophy.


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