Tag: Moby-Dick Readalong 2019

  • Moby-Dick – Chapters I-XVIII – Quick Check-In

    Though dreadfully behind on Brona’s readalong, I am still plugging away at this American tome and really savoring it.  This is my second time reading Moby-Dick, the first time being nearly a decade ago.  The familiar scenes and phrases are coming back to me like old friends. NASA Johnson Space Center – Earth Sciences and […]

  • Reading Everything in August

    No, that is not the title of a challenge…but it may as well be.  I’m up to my ears in books and it’s wonderful. Sweet peas and ocean breezes   ♥ I spent most of my July weekends working on a large volunteer project for a non-profit.  It was a beneficial experience, but more of a […]

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