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  • Quoting Kierkegaard – Works of Love, Fear and Trembling, and More

    For nonfiction books, I’ll be going over specific topics, starting with my beloved Soren Kierkegaard collection. These are just some first impressions of his writing, without any in-depth analysis or philosophical/theological context. Later down the road I’d like to give a better overview, but since I appreciate his writing so much already, I couldn’t resist […]

  • Nature Walk + Thoughts for the Week

    Well, it’s finally come – the end of a long, much needed, and memorable weekend. Today my family and I went for a walk at a local bird reserve.  We’ve been going here for over a decade; it’s like visiting an old friend now.  Autumn is the best time to see it, though already a […]

  • Reading, watching, and writing updates

    ReadingSomething not immediately evident from this blog is that I’m a recent “fan” (for lack of a more precise word) of Soren Kierkegaard‘s writings.  His book Works of Love changed my life in 2016, but being so profound in topic, it was not a book I felt comfortable writing a review on.  I did review […]

  • Wednesday Quote: Neighbors

    Statue of Kierkegaard, photo by Arne List[GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons “. . . love your neighbour!  As already shown, you can easily find him; him you can never lose.  The beloved can treat you in such a way that he is lost to you, and you can lose a friend, but […]

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