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  • The Test of Pain and Memory – Three Selections

    The Test of Pain and Memory – Three Selections

    It’s not often that one’s unrelated current readings overlap each other topically, but such was the case this week. These texts resonate with a conviction that has been growing in me in recent years: that it is in actions (and the pain and sacrifice alongside them) where we find reality, or the truth about who […]

  • The Trial of Jesus – Reflections on the Four Gospels

    Today is Good Friday, when Christians remember the betrayal, trial, and unjust execution of Christ. I reread the accounts of the trial this morning and wanted to share some details I had not remembered or perhaps even noticed before. For those who may be unfamiliar with the story—the events begin in the Garden of Gethsemane, […]

  • What I’m Reading (and More): January edition 2020

    [Editor’s note: It seems my blogging is going to consist of this kind of post for the foreseeable future. I’m tentatively putting classics (and the return of the podcast 😦 ) on hold to make a dent in my 2020 reading. There will be classics (primarily for the Japanese Reading Challenge), but most of them […]

  • What I’m Reading (and More): May edition

    Well, friends…this month’s edition of “What I’m Reading” is going to be a bit of a ramble.  You might want to grab something to snack on or drink.  I usually try to abridge, but this time I just feel the need to stream-of-conscious it…. Personal For starters, a personal update. Though work and everything are […]